4 Tips For More Productivity in the New Year

4 Tips For More Productivity in the New Year

It’s January and we have all sorts of ambitions for the things we’d like to accomplish this year… and right now, it’s all still possible. How do we keep that fresh drive and passion going all year?

I’ve been thinking, productivity is sort of a corporate word and we’d all like to think we are more evolved than that, but how else do you get things done?

There are four main areas that drain our time and energy at the office… we won’t get into office politics here. Let’s stay on the stuff that you do have complete control over.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

First things first, your time is valuable. When you create a schedule, or even put a meeting on your calendar, you really must stick to it. If there is an hour long staff meeting on Thursday mornings – start it on time and stick to the one hour allotment. It shows that you care about the time crunch that everyone else in your office is under, and it keeps you moving through your day in such a way that your to-do list has a chance of shrinking.

Don’t Be An Email Addict

If email is the biggest time drain on your day, you are not alone. Instead of being pulled away from a task every time your inbox chimes to let you know that “You’ve Got Mail”, reserve a specific amount of time – say half an hour in the morning and another half hour before you leave for the day – to tackle all those requests. I promise your email will still be waiting for you when you are ready for it.

Answer the Phone

This is going to sound a little counter-intuitive, especially after that last paragraph, but you should respond to phone messages immediately. Here’s the logic: if a person took the time to pick up the phone instead of dashing off a quick email, there is a sense of urgency involved. I’m not saying that every phone call is automatically an emergency, but you can knock this chore off your list quickly. Plus, forgetting to return phone calls makes you seem disorganized which is definitely not true.

While we are on the subject of phone calls and focus, let’s talk about the way you conduct phone meetings.

Phone Meetings Matter

If you stand up while talking on the phone, your calls will automatically be more focused and to the point. It also keeps your energy level up, and people can hear that on the other end of the line. You will be regarded as a positive and upbeat individual who gets things done.

Now, that’s the right way to start the new year, with productivity!


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